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Freelance - Project Manager / Film Producer / Photographer / Creative Marketing Strategist

Projects & Experiences

Red Bull - Raising the Bar

Documentary about two Red Bull mountain bike athletes. Four episodes showcasing the life, struggles, success and personality of two of the best mountain bike athletes in the world.

Client: Red Bull Germany

Release: 2021, played on Red Bull Media House and Youtube

Role: Project Manager and Producer

Tasks: Management, concept development, storyboarding, on-site production, directing, bts filming and photography

Agency: The Distillery GmbH Innsbruck

Designed by The Distillery // Owned by Red Bull Media House

Photo by Klaus Polzer

Alpina - Product Release

Product Release video of Alpina's new eco-friendly helmet - the Idol. Commercial video showcasing the product features and story behind the helmet.

Client: Alpina Germany

Release: 2021, company website and Youtube

Role: Project Manager and Producer

Tasks: Management, creative concept development, storyboarding, location scouting, screenplay

Agency: The Distillery GmbH Innsbruck

Audi - Summit and Livestream

Summit and online webinar for business women in Switzerland on Corporate Social Responsibility. Female leaders in entrepreneurship gathered in Verbier Switzerland to enjoy a full day of talks, classes, yoga and networking. The event was livestreamed and made available to the public.

Client: Audi Switzerland

Role: Project Manager 

Tasks: Management, concept development, livestream organization, on-site execution

Agency: The Distillery GmbH Innsbruck

Photo by Audi SUI

1.5 years - Producer and Project Manager

Working for 18 months at the creative agency - the Distillery - in Innsbruck. In charge of managing, planning and executing media projects for highly diverse and demanding clients.

Clients: Red Bull, Audi, Alpina, Soundboks, Intersport etc.

Role: Project Manager, Producer, Brand Consultant

Tasks: Management, creative concept development, on-site production, storyboarding, location scouting, screenplay

3 Years - Marketeer for Red Bull

Red Bull Student Brand Manager for 3 years - taking responsibility for all marketing activities in Innsbruck targeted towards students. Lead role for student events and other Red Bull projects.

Role: Student Brand Manager and Project Manager

Tasks: Guerilla marketing activities, concept development, event support, representing the Red Bull brand in Innsbruck

Brand Strategy Consultant - Peter Schmidt Group

Building and positioning brands for the renowned Peter Schmidt Group in Hamburg. Developing design concepts for products, defining brand values to reach the right target group and consult clients to achieve their branding objectives.

Role: Intern - Brand Strategy Consultancy

Tasks: Research and analytics, target group analysis, concept development, brand building and positioning

My Skills and Services Offered to You

- Project Management (from concept development to execution) -

- Production (film and photo) -

- Photography -

- Directing -

- Storyboarding -

- Marketing Consultancy -

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein